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Welcome to the personal blog and homepage of Mathew Genzer McCurley.


BlizzCon 2011

Please join myself and the WoW Insider staff at the Anabella Hotel in Anaheim tonight for the big reader meetup event. I will be hosting the live portion of the event as master of ceremonies for the evening.

The party starts at 5. Come say hello!


GDC 2011

I will be heading to San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference. I'll be around late Tuesday until early Friday if anyone would like to grab a bite to eat, sit down, have some awesome conversation about MMOs, virtual worlds and economies, and all that jazz. I'll be covering whatever Blizzard panels I can for WoW Insider and doing lots of freelance for Joystiq and Massively, who have both been awesome about getting me out to the show. I am very, very, very excited. 

Hope to see you there!


My first syndicated Tecca article

I've been busy writing for the personal tech website Tecca and, wouldn't you know it, got one of my budget articles syndicated by The Today Show. Movin' on up, Mat.=


BlizzCon 2010 

I'm heading off to BlizzCon tomorrow to meet up with the WoW Insider crew and make some fun happen. It's going to be a great show, and I want to meet everyone who comes out. Here's the tentative schedule for myself and the WoW Insider Show:

Oct. 21 - Thursday, WoW Insider reader meet up @ The Anabella Hotel, Anaheim 7:30pm

- I'll be MC'ing the main event, while Mike Sacco mans the live stream and the podcast for those of you at home who cannot make the big party. There is going to be prizes, special guests, interviews... it's huge. Check out the post on WoW Insider for more details. 

Oct. 22 - Friday, BlizzCon Day 1

- I've got some pressers to do, opening ceremony, all that jazz. Friday night, Sacco, Adam Holisky, a few others and myself will be recording a Friday wrap-up show, which will hopefully be available as soon as the mp3 hits the hard drive. Keep watching WoW Insider for more details, and follow the show as well.

Oct. 23 - Saturday, BlizzCon Day 2

- Hopefully, by this point, I have not died or fallen over in sleepless agony. Day 2 promises to be more fun, with more panels and good times at the convention. Again, please say hello. There will be a Saturday wrap-up show as well, and if the good internet gods smile upon me, maybe some video as well.